Viva Las Vegas!

01/04/2009 22:56

Deviant Desires Photography On Tour in Las Vegas!

So my photo tour has officially begun, however I have really done much of anything yet but get here and get some sleep (oddly enough in the city that never sleeps…lol).

The flight wasn’t to bad. We has a short delay due to winds, but only about 15 mins or so. The flight itself was pretty good, with the exception of lots of turbulance and even worse some guy with really bad gas…lol It was awesome flying into vegas seeing all the lights from the air. Probably the highlight of the trip thus far.

But after finally getting on the ground, getting baggage, and meeting Mikka’s parents… We were both pretty exhausted. We drove down the strip on our way to her parents place… snapped a few photos and off to sleep we went.

Big thanks to Nancy for the ride to the airport, Grandma for watching my pug Shelby while we are gone, my parents for keeping an eye on my house for me and all others who are handling buisness back in Chicagoland for me while I’m gone…

~ W

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