Together Again... Words from Mikka & Willy...

07/06/2009 15:36

Hello Friends & Family... As we both sit here attempting to put together the first sentence of this blog to explain what has been going on with us and what happens to us from here, we are both at a loss as to how to put it all in words.  We guess that it will be pretty impossible for everyone to completely understand what is going on outside of ourselves, and for that matter, we don't expect you all to.  We do however wish to gain everyones respect and support in what we have come up with.  For almost 48 hours straight now we have been together talking about the problems we have had, things that have hurt us both, things we need to fix to make things work.  For us both, life is at a very low point, and to battle each other as we attempt to battle our way out of "the hole" just isn't practicleor even healthy. 

Most of you know that we have been broke for some time.  Living off of photography isn't very easy, especially when the economy is so messed up that large companies like GM are falling apart.  We are on edge of literally living in a cardboard box... At one time we use to joke that if we only had a cardboard box to live in, we would hang some newspaper up for wallpaper and love each other just the same.  Well, I guess that our old theory has finally been put to the test... And we never expected to react in ways that we have.  So, we have been forced to either "fix it or nix it".. Yes that term our many followers on the web have seen posted a time or two.  So, we tried to fix our relationship... And recently we Nixed our relationship... Now after experiencing both, we know that we very much need and love each other dearly.  And that we will find some glue for our newspapers if need be. 

With that said, we have had many hard things to talk through... Money, Trust, Respect, Responsibility, Loyalty, Honesty and even Love.  We haven't stopped talking through these things for almost 3 days now, so it will be impossible to put them all into this blog... But we can say that sacrifices will have to be made on both of our parts.  We know that if we do this, we do it together... We know that even if the worst case happens with our venture, that it happens to us both and that we together must work through it.  So your all probably asking yourselves what venture we refer to...

We have talked repeatedly about relocating out of state the Tennessee, more specifically the Nashville area... And this venture is still to happen.  We have set a date of July 5th or 6th to make our move.  As much of a shock as that may seem to you all, in regards to how quick this move will take place.  The longer we are here in Illinois, the further in debt we go.  And further more, being away from certain things here is part of our own personal healing process.  Now, you all know we are broke... You know we plan to go down south... You are probably wondering HOW?  How in the hell, are we suppose to move 700 miles away, without a penny to our names...


The truth is with our personal talents and the help of family and friends.  Something that hasn't been easy for us, because any of you that really know either of us, know that we are both givers rather then takers.  Its something we have even fought with each other about... We are always trying to give to the other and out do the caring process... But at this time, anything helps.  We are going to put a donation button (paypal button) on each of our pages so that friends & family can help us in our attempts to bring ourselves out of the hole as much as we hate it.  As of late, we have been either short of photo shoots due to other peoples struggling as well, or we have been selling our services under cost to have any income at all.  So, we have had to discuss these issues involving our personal business's as well...  We have both closed the doors on our business, and both realize we need our art to keep us alive financially, creatively and emotionally...

Willy has had much struggle with his personal stress, thus making his art lack.  He has been behind with editing, because each time he finds that creative force to drive him... Something bad always seems to come up and kill that mood that drives him.  He is going to be doing everything in his power to find his drive and find the creativity that he has been known for all of these years.  He will be reopening Deviant Desires Photography again once he is caught up with the editing he has.  This is expected to take about a week (since the next week has no bookings at all).  Willy has assembled photo packages that are on his website and in his myspace blog designed for people at misc financial levels.  He has also found a new model that he thinks will help him find his creative drive, and plans to try working with her more... He had a model known as "Genocidal Creation" that use to bring out more of his creative thought, and sadly she walked away from modeling.  And when she did, it is believed that some of his drive when with her...  So we are in hopes that he will find his art to be fun rather then just work again sometime soon...

Mikka has been burning herself out both physically and mentally.  She has been extremely and overly busy with photography work, mostly because she has been selling herself short.  She has been very much in love with the work she has been producing.  She is extremely grateful to be working with some amazing people, and her skills have come a very long way in a very short amount of time.  She first learned what layers in photoshop were and how to use them from Willy less then a year ago, and now her work has more layers then "Willis Tower"  However to do the amazing things that she is doing with these photos, takes more time them people realize.   She also has the pressure of turning the photos over to her clients almost next day... This requires her shooting for several hours, uploading for a couple hours, sorting for a couple hours and then editing for many many more hours... If you break that down, she invests close to 15 hours in each and every photoshoot.  Now, if you went to work for 15 hours and you got paid $30 dollars at the end of that shift... How would you feel after all of that hard work and lack of sleep?  Thats Mikka every day.  She is thankful for the work she gets, but like anyone else will be burnt out and exhausted in no time, and she gets paid about 50 cents an hour to do so.  These equals much STRESS.  This is the first time this is ever been released to the pubic because she loves what she does so much anyway, but at this great time of need has no real choice but to seek a little more compensation for what she is producing.  Not once has she ever approached a photo shoot without a smile on her face and dedication to the craft.  With that all in mind, Angelic Beings Photography will be open again for business right away.  So please book a shoot while you still can, and be as generous as possible... You know she will be putting her all into your images.

For both of us, the clock is ticking here in Illinois.  It is almost impossible to keep taking photos for everyone if we don't even have money for the electric to run our lights, charge batteries and run computers for editing.  In so many ways it seems we are paying the bill collectors out of our pocket to produce amazing images for you all.  Not that we don't love doing everything we do, because we most definitely love photography... But without compensation not only does our art sink, but our basic means of survival as well... 


So, beyond money... We have found method in getting to TN.  For those who didn't know, Willy use to live in Nashville a couple times over.  He went to college there, and returned there again shortly after Dixie Belle was born to attempt to relocate at that time.  He found work extremely quickly... Had worked two jobs and was ready to secure an apartment for himself, his wife Shannon at the time and daughter Dixie Belle.  It was at that time that Shannon decided that she wanted to stay in IL close to family..  Willy then dropped everything to come back to his family.  So with his experience in the Nashville area, the cost of living and job opportunities for us both.. It seems very promising.  Willy also has a friend just outside of Nashville by the name of Crystal that he is still in touch with.  During is last time down there, her and her family were like family to him.  He helped with many misc maintenance tasks on her mothers new trailer so she would have a place to live as she has dealt with very bad health.  Now, Crystal has offered to take us in till we got our feet wet in Nashville.  Once we find work, we have the opportunity to rent a nice home from her or to find something on our own.  Housing is something that we have also researched, and find to be very promising.  It is so much cheaper there.  We know that this move will not be an overnight ticket to great fortune or stress free living, but it will definitely be a step in the right direction. 

When we get to Nashville, Willy plans to try working 2 jobs.  Something day time and something night time.  He hopes to bartend or bounce in the evenings and work a regular 9 to 5 job during the day.  Mikka wants to get back to warehouse work, something she missed dearly and is very good at.  We both plan to keep doing photos.  Mikka will be doing more photos right away, and Willy will be more concentrating on the day job, and production work for the time being.  He will still take photos as well, but will keep it minimal till more financial security is established.  He does have several public appearances as "Mr Willy" (local celebrity life is a bitch... its like celeb without any And they will all happen as scheduled.  We will be up as much as possible to see Dixie Belle and Bethany Madison (Willy's daughters) as well.

So as of today, we are going to fix up our pages again, and officially call ourselves boyfriend & girlfriend (Satan and the sinstress depending on who you ask) again. :)  We are packing our stuff, and have many things that we will be trying to sell as well. So, please watch for blogs, bulletins, etc... With those things.

We do appreciate everyones concerns, support and respect in our ventures.  We know that our recent falling out was nothing pretty, but we still have a solid core based on love.  That is something that we never neglected having for each other... and stands as our first building block.

xoxo Mr Willy & Mrs Indestructible
(Willy & Mikka)


Comments About This Blog

Date 10/07/2009
By Miss Sierra
Subject Nashville

may i suggest something, i know neither of you know me, but i was bored and decided to check you guys out a little more.
There is a couple i have been working with for some time now, he takes the photos she does the editing. Maybe you two could do something like that. it would allow you to have each others creative input in each shoot and allow you to get things done faster with less stress in the time put into it. take turns shooting and uploading/editing. you both do awesome work, but maybe this is an idea that will help you two to grow closer, spend more time together, and have less stress that comes from trying to do two businesses.
As for the shoots we have talked about on MM, i hope your move is smooth, and we can get a shoot or two scheduled before i move. Also if you need a MUA/stylist(hair&wardrobe hit me up as well, i dont charge much, and that fee is to be paid by the model you are shooting, i would be willing to raise or lower the price according to the job and if you want split the profits with you. this may help in getting bookings in nashville, as i have been here my whole life, i may be able to send a few girls your way. take car both of you and i hope things are going good.

Date 09/06/2009
By Zocko
Subject woei!

Congrats! and much luck!!

Date 08/06/2009
By Renee
Subject !

congrats and good luck!!!!

Date 08/06/2009
By Christy
Subject ! <3

Congratulations, you two!


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