The Move Has begun, and several other updates

11/07/2009 17:11 Move to nashville

My move to Nashville has officially begun.  I will be in Nashville tomorrow or Monday, one of the two.  Getting ready for this move hasn't been easy, and still isn't done either.  I worked for a week solid trying to pack and move things out of my house in Dekalb IL... But with so many errons, phone calls and other misc interuptions.. I never did get everything moved out of the house... So some of my family as well as Mikka will have the task of removing the rest of my remaining belongings... The hardest part so far has been telling my girls goodbye.  I cried for quite some time with Dixie Belle as her and I talked about what all of this move means.   I miss them so much already... I miss my love alot too... Mikka won't be getting to Nashville till the end of the month sometime.  I'm very very anxious... But for you models back in IL, I left my camera with her, so take advantage of her being there still and book a shoot with her!  Thanks to my parents for taking her in for the time being, and all of your help and support with the new move to Nashville.

The Going Away Party / Show

The going away party at the House Cafe last week went very well for the most part.  I want to take a minute to thank everyone for coming out to see Mikka and I off... And even more want to thank all of the awesome artists to came out to perform at the show as well.  The reunion of DiAmorte was a very high point in the show for me.  I was very happy with how that worked out.  A special thanks to my former band mates for making that event happen.  Art of the Flesh always steals the show.  Renee, Zachary, Kitty and the others that came out to open the show open mic style... THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!  Suzzanne Monk (Comedian) traveled all the way from Chicago to perform her awesome stand up.  I love her greatly for always making me smile!  Then, of course in every event, at least one person has to attempt to bring things down... One person who I have considered to be a friend took offence to a joke that compared the way Jesus dresses to the way hippies dress.  This person wasn't a hippie, nor was the joke made to put down Jesus or hippies either one...  I've been pretty upset at the way this person rashed out at me, like I did something wrong at the event.  He has since dropped my myspace & facebook pages from his friends list, and that is just fine by me after this event.  He approached me during the show, saying that "she is talking about my lord", and that "he would have to go"... I instantly told him "okay, fine.. Bye then".  Because I refused to let anyone or anything bring me down at my own going away party.  I managed to make it through the evening without it on my mind or any further upsets... However, it has been in my head repeatedly every since the event.  But as a whole, I was pretty happy with the show for the most part.  I really wish Mikka could have been a lil more included/involved... But she kinda shy's away from public attention...

The 2009 Chicago Horror Film Festival announcement I was proud to make at the going away party was the fact that I had officially been selected to Host the 2009 Festival (as "Mr Willy").  I'm very honored to have been given this opportunity, and very much look forward to taking the stage at the Portage Theater in Chicago this September!  The event is expected to feature another FX Fashion Show, Art of Horror displays and maybe event a haunted tour and investigation of the Portage Theater!  Keep an eye on details for this awesome event at:

Many Misc Paranormal / Ghost Hunting Updates

As mentioned about, I expect to be hosting a ghost tour / investigation at the Portage Theater in Chicago during the CHFF in September...

The First haunted tour / investigation at the Egyptian Theatre in Dekalb went very well.  We gather lots of great feedback after the event.  With that in mind, we have scheduled another Haunted Tour / Investigation at the Egyptian for August 29th, however this time I have invited "The Rock & Roll Ghost Hunter" himself, Keith Age to come out and join us for the event!  It will be one not to miss!

I will be visiting Eastern State Penitentary in Philidelphia PA again this December with Ghost Hunter/Author/Tech Specialalist Vince Wilson!  Tickets for this event are available at a discount from the normal rate, CLICK HERE for more details and tickets!!! for this weekend I'm in Louisville Kentucky, and I've spent much of my time here thus far hanging out with celebrity ghost hunter Keith Age.  George (my co-lead investigator and I) have been confirmed by Keith to take part in the 2009 Mid-South Paranormal Convention as Special Guest Speakers!  This is the first public posting of our involvement in the event, and details for the event should be available soon.  This event will be fairly local to my new residence, which also makes it nice., George, Mark and I (from The Illinois Ghost Hunters) join Nik and other members of The Dekalb County Paranormal Society on an investigation at the world famous Waverly Hills Sanatorium here in Louisville KY!  We will be in the building from Midnight till about 8am or so.  I'm really looking forward to it!  A big thanks to my friend Panda for offering me a place to stay while in town.

The 2009 Twisted Wish Spook Show will return to the land of corn, Dekalb Illinois for the 2009 Twisted Wish Spook Show!  Art of the Flesh & Dies Mali are confirmed for this annual charity event in it's 4th year.  This years beneficiary is to be Tails Animal Shelter!

This Week...

This week I finish my travel to Nashville.  I should be there either tomorrow or Monday, and will be looking for work emediately after getting there.  I'm very determined to find work within 2 weeks or less... I guess its more then a desire, but a NEED!  So please with me luck everyone.  I hope to make another post on here tomorrow sometime to tell you all about my experience at Waverly Hills tonight.

To my daughters, Mikka, family and friends back in Illinois... I love you all, and miss you all so much!


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