The Big Announcement

26/10/2009 00:25

Well, I am extremely exhausted at the moment and have promised the world a blog tonight, so here it is.. My first blog since moving here to Nashville TN... And the big announcement... I'm moving back to Dekalb IL from Nashville TN...  Why?  Well... Several reasons... Was coming to Nashville a mistake?  No... No regrets at all...  A very brief idea what is going on:

Being away from my kids is killing me, and my ex wife hasn't got a clue when she and her new fiancee will be able to move down here...

I do loads of production work in the Northern Illinois area... So I'm traveling (paying for travel) once or twice a month to do Spook Show Entertainment buisness in Illinois...

I work a minimom wage job here in Nashville... The lowest paying job I think I have ever had in my life... Its Sad.. Its Depressing... but it is work, and something I wasn't having any luck finding back in Illinois...  This is one thing I hope will change when I return...

I have been cast for two films in Chicagoland... Great opportunities for me...

Since being in Nashville, I haven't been able to do much of anything to enjoy being here... I did get the opportunity to hang out with some friends from Art of the Flesh (from back in Dekalb/St. Charles area)...  They came down for a weekend, and I went out with them in Nashville for a few hours... Beyond that, I have attempted to get out with Mikka, but she isn't very social and dont' seem to enjoy herself here...

The relationship... Some have seen that we have changed our relationship status on Facebook to "Complicated".. I'm not going to get much into this because it is personal... but I will always get emails asking about it... so to clear it up... We haven't been doing the greatest... Always trying, but wondering if we should have to try so hard... We have things to work out.. Many things to work out... Our upcoming move back to IL however hasn't got anything to do with our relationship.  This would be happening one way or another.  But as it stands, we are coming back TOGETHER. 

other news...

The Spook Show, a success!  thanks to everyone that came out to support this event that is very near and dear to my heart.  It was great to see my father make it to the show, as his health has prevented him from making it to any of my productions for more then a year...  I gave away to awards for outstanding controbutions... One to Jason Sullivan, and the other to the late Kristopher "Kristov" Kemp.  Watch for more info about them on the Spook Show Entertainment website soon...  Awesome music, awesome models... awesome turn out.  Thanks again everyone.

Limitless Radio - Is under new construction on my own server... Live streaming Independent music coming soon!

Dark Arts Magazine - currently in pre production

Lots more stuff coming... I'll write more soon..


Mr Willy

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