Nashville Tennesse Photo Tour Recap

14/04/2009 22:50

Nashville TN - Photo Tour 2009

Before I get into my Tennessee travel talks, I would like to make mention of the 30 hours or so that I did have at home before departing for TN… I was extremely busy while I was home trying to keep up with misc business. But I also had the opportunity to get out with some great friends. I sang karaoke with my best friend Zoey Jane at KJ’s in Dekalb then headed to Krystals for the Prism dance. It was good times :) After the dance, I headed to High Heels Saloon in Somonauk to see my good friend Euphoria as well as the other girls at the club that I know. Had the opportunity to hang out for a bit after hours as well, and eat. Was amazing food and good times :)

Ok… Lets travel South!

This part of my photo tour wasn’t traveled alone. I hit the road with to local Dekalb musicians Renee Nanzer and Zachary Harris. The first day of travel we detoured through Indiana to make a stop in Louisville Kentucky to meet and see a friend by the name of Panda.

We met up with Panda at a club in Louisville (I forget the name). The club had live music on one side and karaoke on the other. The music was awesome, I’ll have to figure out what they were called and update this blog with that information. But they put on a great show. When they finished, we ventured off to another local Louisville bar to see a fuckin hilarious band called Eddie and the Fuck Munkys. They still have me rolling around on the ground in laughter days later. The band dressed up in super hero costumes and plays awesome rock songs with perverted lyrics (right up my

Once it was close to closing hours, we went to Panda’s place as she kindly took us in for the evening. The others at that time proceeded to play music and sing. I must say that they all have amazing talent. A big thanks to Panda for her hospitality and generosity.

The next day I did a small shoot with Panda. Panda is a very kind & cute girl with a voice I will never forget. So cute and innocent sounding all the time. I can’t even put her voice into words. With her small voice and kind hearted personality, its definately a pleasure to simply hang out with her. I must say that she has amazing musical talent as well. It was great meeting you Panda, and I very much look forward to crossing paths with you again in July!

On to Nashville…

The drive to Tennesse is always a pleasure. I am always built up with anticipation as I drive in that direction. I guess that even though it isn’t my home, I still feel like I’m going home. The foggy mountains mixed with multicolored trees, warm hospitality and natural beauty capture me everytime I cross the Ohio river into this very beautiful state. I find myself ready to tear up when I first see that large blue “Welcome to Tennessee” sign. The state has always been close to my heart, it has even encouraged the names of both of my daughters. (Dixie Belle means Southern Beauty, and Bethany (road she was born on) Madison (first town in TN that I ever lived in)… I am in hopes to make several trips to both the Nashville and Gatlinburg area in the coming months…

I could go on writing a novel about Nashville and the state, but to save on your eyes.. I will give you a more breif outline of our lil trip…

I didn’t do any model shoots at all… I really didn’t get to do much photography of any sort at all this time around… It can be alot more complicated when you travel with others. But I did get to start the footwork on one of my books while in Nashville finally, and of course none of this stopped me from enjoying myself.

I also got to see a few ole friends from the area… This includes Crystal, Micheal, Elvis and even my old Coyote Ugly co-worker Zombie!

Crystal, Micheal and Elvis are all siblings. Crystal has been a very close friend of mine for several years. I spent much time with her when I lived in TN. She has 5 boys, and it was amazing to see several of them… They are HUGE! I was suppose to do photos with her on my last day in Nashville, but that kinda fell through due to communication issues… But we will definitely make it happen next time around.

Zombie is still working at Coyote Ugly. That place has changed quite a bit, as most places there do. Didn’t get to spend much time in there.. but it was great to be able to simply stop in.

Renee and Zachary were suppose to do open mic at the Bluebird Cafe, but it got canceled… It was kind of upsetting, but we all got the opportunity to singe Karaoke in downtown Nashville during our visit. It was loads of fun traveling with these two tho. They are very talented and very fun individuals.

Well, now its back to the flat lands of Illinois… I wanna cry at the breathtaking views when I enter Tennessee and wanna cry all over again when I have to leave…. I look forward to visiting the area again soon..


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