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01/06/2009 14:06

I just made my way back from Nashville TN about a week ago.  I was there for about 5 days or so... Traveled with a really good model/friend of mine Nancy (aka Euphoria).  I had planned on doing a few photoshoots while in town, both as a model and as a photographer.  Unfortunitely all of them fell through... yes ALL of them :(.  I did get the opportunity to shoot some pool side photos with Euphora however and we had a lil fun while in town (with the exception of some "DAMN BIRDS" who kindly shit on my Jeep!  Those birds need to go get thier fucking shine boxes!  I did make an attempt to run them all over with my Jeep, but they moved to quick.  I hope I scared the shit out of them tho (oh wait, to late.. the shit is on my Jeep instead)!  I guess the fucking things are broken!  I also started my Nashville job search...

One of the first places I stopped to apply for work was at Coyote Ugly Saloon.  I had worked there before the last time I lived in the Nashville area as a "BMF" (Bouncer / Security Officer).  While there I was able to see a few old friends I had worked with there, and even managed to get Euphoria dancing up on top of the bar TO COUNTRY MUSIC as well!  LMAO!  She will probably kill me for mentioning that, but what can I say.. I was proud!  She also taught me and one of the Coyotes how to do her signature ass vibrating  I think she is kind of addicted to that place now.  But anyway... I did a quick interview, and I'm suppose to give them a call back early this week to see if they can staff me or not.  If that is the case, I will have to bust my ass to come up with some quick money to get my security liceance in Tennessee again and also change residency.  I hope that it works out.  No other bites otherwise however...

So I plan to get back down to Nashville soon so that I can apply for more jobs, and this time I will use my head and remember to bring my resumes.  I have yet to confirm this, but I think my next travel to Nashville will be June 8th through the 11th, again with Euphoria (I think she likes it there).  I hope to confirm these dates later tonight or tomorrow.  Once they are confirmed, I will again be busting my ass looking for photoshoots (as either a model or photographer) in Nashville while I'm in town (as will Euphoria)... And I have decided to try to get into the hotel industry again... And Also want to apply for work at the Gibson factory (I use to build custom shop guitars in town before).  So, you could say that I have better planned out my job search targets for my next visit...

As far a where to live when I get there... I talked to my friend Crystal who lives there, and she said she would put me up for a few weeks while I start working in town.  So Crystal, if your reading this.. Thanks for the offer.. I might just take you up on that.  She also told me that she might be either renting out a couple rooms or even her entire house... And if that is the case, I would be VERY interested for the money she is talking.  The house is actually very nice, and I would love to have it much less rent it.  So, I guess we will see what happens there, but it is nice to know that I do have a place to lay my head as I get my feet planted there.

I got the opportunity to have coffee with a very dear friend of mine Demetra on Saturday.  I have always called her my Greek Goddess, but she really is more of my guardian angel.  I often find myself at the lowest points in my life when her and I do finally get to cross paths, and she always seems to make me feel so much better.  The character I portray to the public is seen as a dark misterious and sometimes scary guy... A character she is far from herself... But she has never once judged me in all of the time she has known me.  For that alone I love her.  But it goes beyond that... I am one that you will never find talking about religion or personal beliefs... But she gets it out of me, and again never judges.  She always has a way of making me feel better about the world around me (even as it all comes crashing down) while using my own belief system.  I guess I can't really explain it better then that... She is just one amazing friend that I highly value.  Thanks for your kind words and shoulder love.  I hope we can get together again soon.

And then their is the love life...  I'm repeatedly asked about it, because with the crazy comments left back and forth between Mikka and I,  you are always left to wonder "what the hell is going on?).  Well the truth is, we have had it very rough together for some time now.  And it often feels like it will never get better, but at the same time we are both encountering some of the most stressfull situations of our lives.  So, do our problems root from the stress we are currently encountering?  From our major money issues?  From our personal buisness?  From jealousy issues?  Lack of passion?  Loss of desire?  The honest truth is that we really don't know, and we are killing ourselves and each other about it all the time.  So we came to a decision early this morning to make it or break it... We have ourselves a month to try and get our relationship fixed, and if we don't... Then we decided that we will break the relationship so that we can each take care of ourselves first.  If we being together makes things harder, then we should really try to fix other things to make a relationship easier... I guess I could go on and on about this forever, but I think I have gone public with enough.  Mikka, regardless of what happens over the coming weeks... I want you to know that I love you.  You are an extremely talented and beautiful woman.  You are amazing with my girls and I know that they love you as well.

In other crazy news... I recently learned that my ex wife Shannon (to be ex wife anyway) is pregnant by her current boyfriend.  I want everyone to know that I am not upset about this, and express my best wishes for a healthy pregnancy fallowed by a healthy child.  Dixie Belle has told me how excited she is to have a new lil brother or sister too.  If she is happy, I'm happy :)

Tonight - Open Mic @ The House Cafe with me as you host!  Please stop in to say hello!  Open Mic begins at about the 8 o'clock hour!

~ W

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Date 01/06/2009
By Euphoria
Subject The visit

AAaaaaaghghghgh! You ratted me out...Uh, I mean- I did not dance on top of the bar-especially to Country music...pssscht...I'm a metal chick, LOL! Anyway, it was a very fun time being in TN and yes, I enjoyed myself. I am proud of myself for teaching my 'butt vibrate' and look forward to the vacations to come. 'Fuckin' birds'...


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