More Updates on my move to Nashville TN…

29/04/2009 22:41

Nashville Skyline

So with my new decision to move the the beautiful state of Tennessee comes much stress, but also things to look forward to…

After some research, I’ve decided that I’m going to attempt to finance a (don’t laugh) double wide house trailer. It sounds like trash, I know… But have you ever looked at these things? The cost is very reasonable, the cost of land is very cheep and the things are fucking amazing! Most have large spacious rooms, a couple bathrooms, huge living room, beautiful master bedrooms with large whirlpool tubs even! Compare that to the cost to rent an apartment, and I would be crazy not to buy rather then rent (on average its about half the cost or less).

I have already started working on networking with the photography/modeling community in Nashville. Its looking pretty good thus far… I’ll soon start working on marketing my production business there.

I have made my Illinois Ghost Hunters team aware that I will be relocating. Haven’t made any other changes outside of notification yet. I guess that we will just work on that when the time for change comes.

I have a few different travels to Nashville planned/booked for the summer. I’ll be busting my ass trying to get things assembled for my arrival sometime in November… I guess the plan at this time is for me to get there ASAP, find work (hopefully stay with a friend or in a hotel during this time), and once I get a financial start I will then get a place (as mentioned above). As it stands right now, Mikka will then be moving down with me at that time. I will most have all of my stuff in storage until a residence is assembled… IF ANY OF MY NASHVILLE FRIENDS ARE READING THIS AND WANT TO HELP ME OUT WITH A PLACE TO LAY MY HEAD AS I TRANSITION, PLEASE CONTACT ME!!

For now, I’m pretty excited… Not just to get to Tennessee, but to get back on my feet again. Thanks to all who have been contacting me about booking photo shoots and also buying Deviant Desires Dolls & Designs. Its a HUGE help, and much appreciated.

GARAGE SALES!!! Mikka and I are planning some garage sales. We are trying to sell most of our stuff to save on moving hassles and also to provide us with a lil money for survival as we move as well. I’ll post lists/photos of misc things that we have for sale soon. Our first garage sale is scheduled for May 9th at 812 South 2nd St. Dekalb IL 60115.

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