Las Vegas Recap - Catching up my blog…

10/04/2009 22:52

Las Vegas Desert

I’m a bit behind… but finally going to make an update here… I guess I need to jump back to Las Vegas…

During my time in Vegas I did two model photoshoots and several scenic photos in the desert and mountains. They can soon all be seen at the Deviant Desires myspace page.

So… Flying into Las Vages wasn’t quite the site I expected… But I guess I just built up this crazy expectation that I will never in my life forget the view of lights from the air… but It just wasn’t as bright as in my dreams I suppose, not that it still wasn’t a site to see.

I never had the money or opportunity to see any shows, but really wanted to see Carrot Top at the Luxor… Maybe next time.. I did manage to get down to the strip a couple times for the photoshoots however. A VERY BIG thanks to Trisha Wagnor (model) for providing Mikka and I an awesome night out on the town… Truly was the highlight of the trip to me..

Other likes / dislikes:

Gambling - I’ve never been a fan… Nor did I have any real money to do so with anyway, so I didn’t really do much. Mikka did very little as well, but she is lucky when it comes to gambling… for me, I’m just throwing money away..

Photography - Love the desert and mountains, could have been just as happy doing photos out in the desert all week without even touching the strip…

Models - Trisha Wagnor, absolutely amazing girl. Very fun, very generous, very outgoing and friendly. Oh, and beautiful too. :) Poisoned Desire, very fun and energetic alternative model. New to the trade, but great potential. Jester, didn’t get to many photos with him, but a very creative individual with a VW car that appears to be a pain in the ass to work Patch, a very unique look, very funny, several priceless facial expressions… Would definitely work with everyone of them again.

Souvenirs - We collected probably over 400 Hooker they were free, and where else are you going to get those? :P

Airport / Airline information - I have always and will always hate Ohare Airport… Its just huge and a pain in the ass. Security everywhere is a pain, but I can understand and agree that it is for good reason. US Airways, flight in was ok.. Nothing special at all, but they got us from point A to point B (on the way to Vegas anyway)… But they are probably the cheapest flight available… Las Vegas Airport was pretty simple, but we spent something like 13 hours there because our return flight (also US Airways) was finally canceled after like a 4 hour delay… We ended up flight back late at night via United Airlines… It was a great flight, friendly staff, in flight movie as well as XM Satellite radio.

Meeting the Parents - During this trip I got to meet Mikka’s parents, as well as stay with them. They are very friendly people, and I would like to thank them for their hospitality.


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