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Date 10/07/2009
By Miss Sierra
Subject Nashville

may i suggest something, i know neither of you know me, but i was bored and decided to check you guys out a little more.
There is a couple i have been working with for some time now, he takes the photos she does the editing. Maybe you two could do something like that. it would allow you to have each others creative input in each shoot and allow you to get things done faster with less stress in the time put into it. take turns shooting and uploading/editing. you both do awesome work, but maybe this is an idea that will help you two to grow closer, spend more time together, and have less stress that comes from trying to do two businesses.
As for the shoots we have talked about on MM, i hope your move is smooth, and we can get a shoot or two scheduled before i move. Also if you need a MUA/stylist(hair&wardrobe hit me up as well, i dont charge much, and that fee is to be paid by the model you are shooting, i would be willing to raise or lower the price according to the job and if you want split the profits with you. this may help in getting bookings in nashville, as i have been here my whole life, i may be able to send a few girls your way. take car both of you and i hope things are going good.


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